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10 Tasks Performed By The S.E.O Expert in Athens

10 Tasks Performed By The S.E.O Expert in Athens

Search Engine Optimizationis not a boring job, often resembles a battle in which we must follow the best strategy. Some of the tasks are related to in-depth details, others are related to technical aspects. The work of an SEO expert requires creative thinking and the search for effective ways to develop websites.

Purpose of the SEO expert work

The main task of an SEO expert in Athens Greece  is to choose such solutions that the websites that are promoted generate as much traffic as possible for as many key phrases as possible. A web promotion expert analyzes the traffic of the competition based on which he / she evaluates the traffic that a specific website can achieve.

1. Select keywords Before launching site promotion activities, the SEO expert looks at the keywords that should be promoted by a given site in the search results. For this, it uses various tools like Google Keyword Planner. Choosing keywords is one of the most important activities of an SEO engineer. Only phrases that are searched by the public can be translated into traffic to the site.

2. Competition analysis The next step in the work of the S.E.O specialist is the analysis of the competition. After all, we are not experts in every field, so we need to gather information about the best, most effective competitors on the web. This stage is closely related to the first. Analyzing what is the position of your strongest competition and how it does it, we know where to start. We get inspired by the achievements of others, apply them to your site, and then, by adding other action techniques, we finally get over it in Google search results

3. Cooperation with the IT department It often happens that SEO analysis cannot do certain technical things on the site. Therefore, it often submits requests to the IT department. Preparing guidelines, overseeing the stages of applied change, or simply general human communication to expedite change is also the responsibility of the SEO expert . Although a seo expert works in the virtual world, he or she must have highly developed interpersonal skills to be able to work effectively in a team.

4. Website check When a customer comes to us with a request for placement, we always do an SEO check. Why; the fact that a given site does not have good results in the results is often determined by a wrongly chosen strategy of activities from the past or ... their lack. Yes, there are SEO agency that do nothing for a website and charge for ... signing a contract. An SEO expert check reveals the strengths and weaknesses of a website. Thanks to this, we know what we need to optimize for the site to move forward.

5. Content marketing Yes, for the time being, site content is a key ranking factor for Google robots. Nothing will change soon. The job of a S.E.O expert is largely to analyze the content that exists on your site. You need to check if the texts are unique, complex and properly formatted. Once the key phrases are selected, the locator orders the text to be written for the site along with the appropriate phrase saturation, as well as design headings or bullet points.

6. Building links Depending on the nature of the work of an SEO analysis, the locator either receives links to the site itself or outsources them to another employee or company that deals with this type of service. Creating links, that is, getting external links to a website is one of the most effective activities to increase your company visibility on Google. We receive links from various sites - thematic portals, advertisements, online forums, blogs, social media. It is important to get dofollow and nofollow links .

7. Analysis of SEO activities Implemented activities - optimization or link building does not always have to be achieved on site. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze the project regularly and modify it in order to achieve better results. The locator must regularly check data from the Google Search Console or Google Analytics. Thanks to this, it monitors the results of actions on an ongoing basis and can make corrections.

8. Development of auxiliary websites SEO facilities are a list of domains, usually in the form of blogs or portals. Used to promote customer websites . The SEO expert orders the writing of texts for each of these pages each month. These sites are places where there are not many links, as in the case of, for example, online forums. Therefore, the power of the link is greater. Especially when the content is comprehensive and new posts are posted regularly.

9. Education Training in the work of an SEO expert is extremely important. Why?everything is changing in this industry. You need to be constantly updated. Training is one of the elements of an SEO job. Of course, it is not worth relying solely on articles. The SEO expert also develops thanks to courses, books and videos, which concern a complete view of the promotion in the search engine.

10. Communication with customers SEO Expert is also available to customers. He answers questions related to the current state of activities. He also often has to communicate with affiliates when, for example, he submits articles for approval or ideas for implementation on the site. These activities could be performed by a customer service person, but it is much easier for a specialist to answer difficult questions. Only then does the customer feel that he is speaking to the right person. I believe that customer contact is very important, because it allows us to receive information on an ongoing basis that will allow us to create the most relevant content for users in the future.