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7 most interesting trends in SEO, which dominated in 2019

7 most interesting trends in SEO, which dominated in 2019

I collected 7 most interesting trends in SEO, which dominated in 2019

1. Internet security is a strong trend.

Pages without SSL by browsers are marked as unsecured. This certificate provides an encrypted connection to the site. Confirms the security of encryption of data and sent between the user and the server. It is a guarantee of confidentiality of data and all communication.

2. Organize your data (schema.org)

Google robots need to analyze a lot of data every day so in 2019 it is worth to invest in the tools for structuring the data on the site. A tool like this will help the algorithm extract the most important information on your site. Tools for structuring data will help your website appear at the top of search results. Maybe even in position 0 as a featured snippet.

3. Good quality content is the most valuable for the algorithm.

It is a fact that the RankBrain algorithm learns to read. Google's algorithm evaluates page quality based on content. There is a relationship between the number of words on the page and its position in the search results. Pages from TOP10 have around 1890 words, with graphics. However, it is worth remembering that the use of non-valuable texts doesn't give results. The original and interesting text helps your site on high position of the part in Google

4. UX - on computers and mobile devices

User experience always has been important when it comes to the position of the website, but from year to year, it becomes more and more important. The UX is influenced by many things - from the appearance of the website and its design, through colors and fonts, to the speed of loading. Everything that facilitates and speeds up the use of the site is good for UX.

5. Voice search.

This is a big trend, especially in the West of Europe and the USA, many people use the Alexa or other "assistant". However many phones allow voice search on Google. Especially that the number of voice searches is growing. Therefore, it is worth considering the adaptation of the page to them. It's worth starting by choosing the questions your website answers.

6. White SEO (which will be forced by artificial intelligence)

Google has been threatening that all websites that use black-hat SEO activities will be in trouble in 2019. Especially that the development of artificial intelligence and learning algorithms is much larger than a year ago, and this translates into one thing: robots will be more difficult to outsmart. In other words - this year sites with valuable content and playing purely can expect to grow in search results. Those playing impure - they can get in trouble.

7. Only good links.

The quality of links pointing to the site has always been important in positioning. A link from several websites with high authority and in the topic will have a better impact on the position in the search results than a large number of anonymous back-ups. The trend in SEO next year will be the acquisition of quality links. This topic also sug