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How Social Media Help SEO

How Social Media Help SEO

Social media are very important for reasons such as building relationships with customers and building an active community around the brand. Unfortunately, the links provided on most social networks have the nofollow attribute, so they do not directly affect the search results. Social media should be regarded as support for SEO. They will be able to drive valuable traffic to your website and encourage customers to convert. Being active in social networking will not replace valuable content on the site, good optimization, and high-quality links.


The best social media for  SEO



An account on Facebook has become a requirement. The customer, after entering the website page checks whether the company runs a facebook page and how often the posts are published on the facebook page. The activity ensures that it is worth trusting the trader. Other benefits include: Gaining reviews and recommendations, Presenting services and offers, Ability to link to products and content on the site.

Google plus



Why should you have a Google+ account? First of all Google likes Google.  Also for the possibility of obtaining dofollow links that have more value for the domain entry in the SERP.  1+ which is given to the interesting material can be equal to a  rel = "dofollow”.  It is also important to have many observers as these increases the SEO power of the link. Increasing the number of fans means a stronger brand account profile, which can raise positions website on the Google.



Why is important to use social media, which publish posts with only 140 characters? Google has full access to the tweet stream. The content posted on Twitter is immediately indexed and searchable.  If you using hash before the queries, you will get more content coming from Twitter. For example when you planning promotion.  If you create a post on Twitter and you have a #seooffer, you have the chance to reach those who are looking for attractive promotions. This way, thanks to social media, you will win potential customers.



 A profile on Pinterest is recommended especially for e-shops and hotels. Adding interesting and beautiful pictures can promote your company. Properly configuring account settings allows you to index the content. Often you can find Pinterest graphics in the Google Image Search. Upload your photo with tags and link of your company page. Linkin Social media is also useful for building an image of an expert.



If you want to boost your skills and qualifications, you must create an account on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn profile should be accurately described using the appropriate keywords. Use it to share links to your site and share your knowledge. You should also be active: add new content and participate in discussions. This way you have the chance to increase your profile visibility and build a strong brand.