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mobile application or mobile website

mobile application or mobile website

The boom for mobile devices has been going through a few years and it seems that it a permanent trend. Now are many internet users who connect to the network with a smartphone or tablet. For this reason appeared three new types of software development: a mobile website, a phone application and a responsive website. What of the forms is the best for your business? Mobile website A mobile website is a website created specifically for mobile devices.

In designing construction it is important to include:

1. The size of the display (in the case of smartphones, usually approx. 5 inches),

2. Connection speed (mobile internet is usually slower than a constant connection)

3. Touch-sensitive - buttons must be large and spaced apart from others so that the user does not have problems with clicking.

4. Browser and mobile system - currently Android and iOS devices dominate.

5. Mobile technologies supported by smartphones or IOS can have a lot of problems with some ‘’old technologies@ like Flash.

Responsive website

One of the best options is the responsive website. This is an advanced website that recognizes the device that downloads it and adapts to its capabilities - it's all about changing the resolution. Responsive website saves a lot of effort in designing - one universal version of the website is created, without the need to create separate varieties for different resolutions and devices.

Mobile applications

For who will be perfect the mobile application? It is necessary to nature of the service. The mobile applications must be a service that allows you to save your time and facilitate everyday life. For example here can be a banking service or a portal where you can easily check the best connections in public transport. In the case of only occasional searches, a mobile website is a better idea.

Application and mobile website - perfect combination

The best solution is the connection a mobile application with a mobile website made in responsive technology. The most important is the website development, and the mobile application should be treated as a supplement, extension of the function. A separate mobile program can be created either permanently (for example the sports application), or as part of a temporary campaign (an event or promotion of a specific product). This is the most reasonable solution.