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10 SEO experiments that will change your way of thinking about SEO.

10 SEO experiments that will change your way of thinking about SEO.

It Is a fact that SEO industry is  full of  myths.

In this article I will present you the results of 10 experiments, made by different seo specialists.

1. CTR has an impact on the positions of the parties in the organic results.

Rand Fishkin conducted one test. He wrote to Twitter a post where he requested from people to search a particular keyword and click on a link to his page. After about 3 hours and 228 clicks the website climbed from 7 to 1 position.


2. Mobilegeddon was a very important event

This change gave a very hard hit on the website which was not adjusted to mobile devices. Many people did not notice the difference. But the test showed that 50% of not mobile friendly pages have been affected, and 30% mobile friendly pages reported increases.


3.Links work even after their removal?

Rand Fishkin conducted a test at 2 websites and re-checked it later in 8 another web sites. Website A was at 31 position and site B at 11th position in Google. At these sites added 22 links. The result was for page A to go on 1st position and page B to climb to 5th position. Later the links removed but the positions of the web sites have not changed. Positions of the web pages changed after of 4 months.


4. The Pages with copied content can occupy high positions.

If you are creating unique content for your website, Google will understand that this page has original text and shows it as the first in the search results. All copies will occupy lower positions.

Dan Petrovic conducted a test on 4 domains. He copied the contents of the pages with a lower PR parameter than his website, and he put the copied content on his page. As a result 3 of the 4 original pages moved two lower positions but the page with copy text were pushed upwards in Google results. Thus, when the 2 websites have the same content, Google will raise the page with higher PR.


5. Using https actually can harm the position of the website

Some time ago Google announced that https is a factor for ranking high in search results. During the tests,  an American SEO company monitored positions for 50,000 keywords and 218,000 domains. 630 of these domains have changed its address in to https. In the result is a decrease in position, subsequently rising to the position slightly lower as the change of address.


6 .Anchor text that  is also the keyword works better than natural?

Rand Fishkin conducted three experiments. For page A gave 20 links do not contain keywords in anchor, and for another page B 20 he gave 20 links with exact anchor text. Side A was originally at 14th position but after the addition of the links the website jumped into 9th position, while the site b was at position 20 and advanced to the 1.


7. Links with nofollow parameter affect page rankings

It is said that the links with nofollow parameter does not devolve power to the linked page.

The website was in 16th position and in this page wasadded 55 nofollow links. After Google indexed these links, page rank increased to position 15th. When the test participants were asked to remove the parameter nofollow links page rank went back to the 6 position.


8. Image links work very well

 Dan Petrovic used 4 similar domains and added the links at these pages in the following ways:

  • with keywords
  • with url - in the url there the keywords were included
  • with keywords in the alternative text of image
  • using the word "click here" and close to that the keywords.
  • The results were as follows:
  • The page with the image was in the first position
  • The page with keyword was on the 5th position.
  • The page with the word "click here" is was not even indexed.


9. The principle of the first link works

In the test  page A send 2 links into  page B with a  different anchor text. As a result, page B showed up on the first keyword, and the other didn’t, as a result everything went according to well-known rule.

In the second test,  positions of the links from a page A to page B changed places. The second key appeared first on the page A.


10. Anchors links in the page title

Dan Petrovic on his website configured the page title "Untitled Document" and directed links of this website with anchor "banana". Google Webmaster Tools shows that this title is not as informative. Google searched by typing the command "site: the address of the page" displayed a page with the title "banana - Dejan SEO".